Expanding Boundaries Since 1997
Since 1997, Milwaukee Composites, Inc. (MCI) has produced our patented lightweight floor for the transit industry which has solved the problems associated with metal skin and plywood transit floor products. MCI’s Phenolic Composite panels are approximately 1/3 to 1/2 lighter than other flooring systems. Our phenolic composite panels are moisture resistant and meet all global transit fire safety standards. Transit vehicle assembly is simplified using our engineered panel structure. MCI’s patented composite sandwich structure, utilizes a phenolic resin matrix which is globally recognized as the lowest flame-smoke-toxicity polymer in the industry. Fiberglass structural fabrics are impregnated with phenolic resin and co-cured to lightweight, closed-rigid cell foam core or a light weight end-grain balsa core during the molding process. Entering our 21st year, MCI phenolic composite products have never failed. The global transit market now recognizes that weight savings, fire safety, moisture resistance and durability are critical characteristic in today’s transit car and bus floor designs and that previously conventional transit flooring systems, cannot match the multiple advantages MCI products provide. Transit Authorities and Railcar Engineers understand that MCI phenolic composite panels meet their transit car and bus floor design requirements in the most cost effective solution available in the market today.
Quality Policy
Milwaukee, Composites, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with quality products that meet their requirements and specifications while complying with all applicable regulatory requirements. This is achieved by creating an environment that promotes continuous improvement of our products and workforce by monitoring our quality system performance, implementing process improvements and supplying each employee with the proper training to supply quality products and service to our customers.

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Project Inception: 1997
Septa M4 - Philadelphia, PA
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