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Milwaukee Composites Inc. (MCI) is a leading global supplier of advanced phenolic composite panels to the transit industry. With over 25 years of proven experience supplying light weight, maintenance free non-heated floors, MCI now supplies a heated floor solution that delivers the same benefits.

MCI has developed a heater element that can be molded into the top skin of our standard floor panel to provide a robust system that can eliminate the sidewall heaters. MCI’s heated floor system works in combination with a dynamic temperature control unit (DTCU) to continuously regulate floor temperatures to en-sure passenger comfort and safety. MCI’s heated floors contain temperature sensors that provide feedback to the DTCU which apply voltage to the floor panels as required. MCI’s “Distributed Power” approach allows for independent temperature control of each panel, or zone of panels, to precisely control the temperature in that region regard-less of changes in load or conditions for optimal comfort.

The floor panels are designed for optimal power draw to overcome thermal losses which allows for a dynamic re-sponse to conditions such as doors opening or passenger density without over compensating the adjacent area. MCI’s heated floor panels work in conjunction with an “Intelligent” Control and Protection System which consists of two elements, the Main Disconnect and the distribution of DTCU’s.

There is an option for each heated panel to have an Independent Temperature Control with a Solid State Output and Over Current Protection. Distributing the temperature control logic and power outputs simplifies installation wiring by not requiring power and control signals to be returned back to the main control.

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